Study Skills Workshop

Learn smarter, not harder

Research shows that highly successful students spend less time studying. Rather, they study more effectively.

Our Study Skills Workshop

Our workshop focuses on the key aspects of test and exam preparation. 

This workshop is aimed at exposing your child to various study techniques and finding the most effective ways for him/her to study.  This is a learner-centred workshop, focusing on the individual needs of each participant. It is presented over 4 sessions and can be completed in one sitting. It is also available as an online workshop.

Session 1: Motivation, goal setting and exam-anxiety.

Session 2: Time-management, set up own exam schedule.

Session 3: The big don’ts

                   How to ensure long-term learning (active reading, reflecting, taking notes, summarising)

Session 4: The BT study method (putting it all together)

If you are interested in this program, and want to find out about our next available date, simply fil in this contact form. 

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