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Study Skills Masterclass

Boost your child’s academic performance

We’ll teach your child the correct and most effective ways to study!

Join Our Study Skills Masterclass

Does your child spend hours studying with poor performance on the test? Do you want your child to learn study skills that actually work? 

Are you tired and frustrated because you don’t know how to help?

In our Study Skills Masterclass we will teach your child how to study. They will feel less stressed, more confident and their grades will improve!

Your child will learn how to:

  • Read with understanding.

  • Identify important information in a text.
  • Take notes.

  • Summarize effectively, using mind-maps.

  • Use study techniques that are in line with their unique learning style (which will be identified as part of this course).

  • Manage their time using our free study planners.

Give your child the BOOST they need to succeed.


Next course date: 1 – 5 Aug. 2022 |  Price: R950.00

Language of instruction: English

Sign-up closes on 31 July 2022

Benefits of this masterclass

Improved grades.
Your child will be more confident, less stressed and less anxious.
Peace at home - no more frustration around studying.
More family time.

How does it work? 

During this Study Skills Masterclass you, and your child, will learn different study techniques and find a method that works for you!

This online course consists of pre-recorded video lessons to be watched in your own time, as well as two live sessions on Zoom. After sign-up, you will have immediate, LIFETIME, access to the course material that you can access at any time via our online learning platform.

There are only a limited number of seats available.

 Price: R950.00

Sign-up closes 31 July 2022

Course outline:

The modules consists of pre-recorded videos and live Zoom sessions (with me) – internet access is essential

Module 1:   Motivation and goal setting

Module 2:   Know your learning style (includes a Learning Style report)

Module 3:   Study skills – Practical methods

Module 4:   Memorization techniques, time-management & Study Planner

Bonus module  –  How to combat exam anxiety. Parents will be able to recognize their child’s anxiety and what can be done to minimize this.


But, that’s not all!!!

Everyone loves a bonus, right?

  • Bonus module: How to combat exam anxiety.
  • Free Guidebook and study planners.
  • Lifetime access!
  • Access to our private Facebook community.

Money Back Guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with what this course has to offer, we’ll give your money back within the first 48 hours, no questions asked.


Hi, my name is Chelsea.

I am an Educational specialist with an Honors degree in Psychology and a Postgraduate in Education. I’ve been working in the special needs sector for more than 7 years and I am running a successful tutor business.

I created this Study Skills Masterclass because I noticed that a majority of students in my class did not know how to study effectively. Parents became frustrated and turned to me for help.

I felt a need to share my knowledge and experience and help as many learners, and parents, as I can by creating an online course that gives them the tools and skills they need in order to thrive in the exams.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is the Masterclass only in English?

This upcoming Masterclass is only presented in English. It will be available in Afrikaans later this year.

What if we miss a session?

All of the modules are available on the platform, You can sign in at any time and go through the modules at your own pace. The live sessions will be recorded and be available on the Facebook group. You won’t miss a thing!

I’m still not sure how this works?

Head on over to our online learning platform by clicking the enroll today button. There you’ll find our introduction video containing more information.

The modules are fun, interactive and very informative and you’ll actively partake during each session. 

Is it necessary for a parent to part-take in the masterclass?

No, it’s not absolutely necessary, but it will benefit the process. There are certain aspects of the masterclass directed towards the parents. This is so that you will be able to help your child if they get stuck – remember, this is a skill that they need to practice, practice, practice and it will help if mom or dad are there to guide them if needed.