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Online Tutoring Classes

Learning in the comfort of your home

We now offer online tutoring, focusing on Mathematics, Afrikaans and English for grade 4 to 9. Giving your child access to effective tutoring in the comfort of your own home.

Our Online Tutoring Classes

Ensuring your child is ready for the academic year.

Brainiacs Tutoring also offers you online tutoring, focusing on Mathematics, Afrikaans and English. We currently have tutoring classes available for Grades 4 to 9. Our learners receive worksheets prior to the tutoring session – so you’ll know exactly what the focus of each lesson will be. We use the online platform, Zoom, which is freely available to download on any smart device.

What makes us unique?

We want to maintain the integrity of our proven tutoring programmes, therefore we will keep to our policy of small classes – no more than 3 learners per tutoring session.

Our tutors are qualified educators and have mastered the skills of online teaching.

Our sessions are fun, practical and provides for learner interaction – learners are actively engaged during the sessions and not simply watching a screen.

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    Benefits of online tutoring


    1. Availability – You have access to tutors who are trained and educated in this specific field. Physical location, time zones and traffic are a problem of the past. Online tutoring is available in a time that suits you.
    2. Value – You get what you pay for. Our online tutoring sessions are recorded for quality control and to ensure you have access to the sessions to look back on in case your child gets stuck on the work in future. You can build up your resource bank at home and have our recorded lessons available any time.
    3. Convenience – Online tutoring is convenient as you never have to leave your house. In addition, you do not incur any travel expenses.
    4. Accessibility – Convenience assumes that you have a choice, but what if you don’t actually have any options for local tutoring?  For some, making the decision to seek tutoring online may mean the difference between getting help and not.
    5. Technology – Often people who haven’t experienced online tutoring fear that the technology will be a hindrance, but in many ways, it is an advantage, especially for young people who are used to chatting on social networks and not intimidated by new software. Technology also allows for sessions to be recorded and used again at a later stage.
    6. Affordability – This is probably the biggest benefit of online tutoring. Besides saving on travel expenses, online tutoring is more affordable than face-to-face tutoring, because the tutor is also saving on travel expenses.

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