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We are very excited to launch this new platform that will take your child’s education and learning experience to a whole new level.

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Some features to look forward too

We are very excited for you to experience some of the features that we believe will enhance the learning experience of each student.

Live Q&A section

To assist students during lessons, they will be able to interact with tutors through an interactive Q&A section.

Live Zoom lessons

From time to time, Our tutors will be hosting live Zoom lessons as part of each course.

Holiday intervention lessons

As part of your course, you will also have access to intervention lessons during scheduled school holidays

Free worksheets

Some lesson plans will include additional downloadable worksheets that students can complete offline at no extra cost


The new way of learning

The solution you have been looking for is here! No more wasting your time looking for a qualified tutor to help your child improve their grades and reach their full potential. 

High quality education

High quality education

Our tutors are qualified teachers with many years of teaching experience. Our content is relevant and always up to date with newly developed teaching methods.

Engaging video lessons

Engaging video lessons

Our online video lessons are visually stimulating and practical. In addition, our lessons are short enough in order to accommodate learners who struggle with prolonged attention.

Quizzes & games

Quizzes & games

To ensure that students retain information successfully, we have introduced various quizzes and interactive games throughout the lessons to keep it fun and educational.

Inclusive education

Inclusive education

Most of our tutors are trained in inclusive education and specializes in children with learning barriers. Therefore our teaching methods are unique and suited for all students.

Parent-teacher interaction

Parent-teacher interaction

We aim to bridge the gap between home and school. Our active parent-teacher interactions is our way of making sure that you are involved in every part of your child’s educational journey.

Take your child’s education to the next level

Stay updated with the launch and development of Brainiacs CLASSHUB

What others have to say about us

  • Met Brainiacs is dit nie net die punte wat resultate van die klasse en aandag toon nie, maar vir die eerste keer is my dogter ‘confident’ met haar Wiskunde. Brainiacs bied nie net vervelige Wiskunde aan nie, maar maak gebruik van opvoedkundige speletjies om die leerders se belangstelling te prikkel.  Die werk word so goed verduidelik dat eksamens en toetse met selfversekerdheid betree word.

    Baie dankie Chelsea en haar toegewyde span vir julle harde werk!

    Wanda Conradie
  • It takes a village! And fortunately for my family, Brainiacs is definitely a part thereof.

    Both my sons attend Brainiacs and within a short time, both was once again experiencing Mathematical success and becoming more proud of their achievements. Classes continue to help them practice and prepare for tests, and ensures that they feel calm and confident when writing tests and exams. Math is now seen as a fun challenge!

    Brainiacs rocks!

    Emma Malan